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 So, I switched insurance companies recently. I used to be with group health, and am now with United health care. After my surgery the ostomy nurse handed me group health's number so that I could order bags on my own and that is what I have done. When I knew that I would be switching I stock piled bags and am only now running low. I called to order new bags and was stunned to find that in order to take advantage of the discounts that I can get through the insurance that I need a prescription. 

Here is my quandary, I can buy them on my own... so why cant I just give them my insurance info and have them bill it to them? It's not like I can sell my bags for money on the street for mad cash or anything.  I'm baffled. 

My bags are classified as a prescription medical supply, but I can buy them without a prescription... it makes my head hurt and my pocket bleed....

with insurance: $25 for a box of 20 with OUT insurance: $104, the headache I get trying to figure out why they need to add an extra unnecessary step: Priceless