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The week from hell...
This week I ended up working 41/2 days, house sitting, and I did a parade with my color guard girls on Saturday.

I totally overdid it. On top of it all I had the stomach flu all week. Not to say that I didn't have fun, but that seems to be my problem. I push myself to far and all I think about is the fun I had and I put out of my mind the fact that my health goes to shit.

The parade was the highlight of the weekend. The girls had never marched a parade before and NEVER seen the Seafair Pirates. The pirates were set up for the parade right next to us and harased the girls every chance they got. it made it all the more funny that the more they harased the bigger the reaction so they would harass more. Here is a picture I forced the girls to take with the pirate that they nicknamed "stalker pirate"

So all is well that ends well. Who knows what next week will be like. One of the groomers at one of the other stores at work just flaked and we are scramling to cover, I need to make sure to think of my health before any thing else...

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you're doing color guard stuff again? I did not know.

Yeah, but I'm on the other end now. Im do old to do so I teach!

Thar's awesome. I know it was something you enjoyed, so to be able to still be involved and teach is really cool.

(Deleted comment)
Arn't they though, all freshman and one sophmore... I dont even remember being that young ;)

I know the pirate, yeah i have been to a few seafair parties. He is safe, flirtatious but safe.. he is a married man with kids.

Glad to see that you're recovered enough to be out and doing stuff! Just don't be over-doing it. ;-) But you knew that.

Your girls look super cute! BTW.

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