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(no subject)
Yesterday was a pretty good day, I got out of the house and was able to spend the day with heresyoftruth  and catholicsin . It was my first day out since the surgery and I think that I did well.

The real reason for my outing was that I needed heresyoftruth  to take out 4 staples that the dumb-ass nurse left. The staples had curves on the end. This eluded the hospital nurse who simply ripped them out straight and wondered why it hurt me so much. Anyway, 4 staples out with next to no pain.

It was great to hang out with friends, I cant wait to be able to drive myself around. It did tucker me out though. I went to bed at 1030pm and didnt crawl out of bed until 11am. At least I know what I need to do to get a full nights sleep!