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New automated litter box and my cat the Sith Apprentice
So since I'm going in for surgery next week and wont be able to change the litter box, I decided to be kind to my housemates(who offered to take care of it for me) and buy one of those Littermaid self-cleaning litter boxes. Midget my youngest cat took to it right away, no problem within 5 minutes of it being on she had staked her claim on the box. Kismet my older cat whom we have decided is a Sith Apprentice because while she is evil she is not as evil as the Sith Master Orphius.

Anyway, Kismet I thought had taken to it as well until I caught her pooping on some towels in the bathroom. So, she was locked into the bedroom for the remainder of the day yesterday and I turned off the Littermaid for the night to see if she would use the box. SUCSESS! I got her to use the box! So I turned it back on this morning to clean it out and Kismet shot across the room to swat and hiss at the moving rake in the box. I tried to bat her away so that the rake could do its job but she juked and jived and ducked me so that she could empty all her hate onto that god damned rake that has been keeping her from crapping in her litter box.

My cat the Sith Apprentice, is it wrong that I love something so evil?

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, I don't think that it would go over well with him...

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